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Activation of Coagulation and Inflamation in Trauma:



The Activation of Coagulation & Inflammation in Trauma (ACIT) study is a multi-centre study designed to identify the clinically significant mechanisms and pathways by which the inflammatory and coagulation pathways are activated immediately following major trauma, how they lead to clinical coagulopathy and transfusion requirements, produce organ injury, and how they affect outcome in terms of organ failure and death.


Severe trauma patients are enrolled into the study in the emergency department. Blood samples are collected immediately and over the following 3-day period to characterize the nature, extent and duration of the response of the inflammation and coagulation systems to trauma. Samples will also be processed for DNA banking to assess the impact of population genetic factors to the response to trauma.


A subset of patients who are intubated, ventilated and sedated will have bronchial washing specimens analyzed for markers of acute lung injury.


Clinical data on blood product transfusions, organ system failure, morbidity, ICU & hospital stay and mortality are collected up to day 28.

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